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I have had a song stuck in my head for a week. It's by Avril Lavigne. And, of course, it wouldn't leave my head, no matter what I tried to replace it with. So the time came where I had to actually listen to the song.
The only problem was that I had no idea which song, I just knew that Avril was singing about a boy, with whom she seemed to be having issues, and there was some sort of identity crisis involved. She didn't know herself, no one knew her, something to do with clothes. Very deep stuff.

So to get it gone, I have just endured a listening party of Avril's most popular singles. I weep for the human race that these were once popular.

I know it's been done to death, but Sk8er Boi has raised my ire.
First up, what the hell is with the spelling of the title? Are the letters 'a' and 't' that hard to find? Were they using Jess's keyboard? (Sorry Jess, but your keyboard is weird)
And Boi? Assuming they were using a standard qwerty keyboard, the 'y' is the second key to the left of the 'i'. Did they write this on a typewriter? Was their 'y' broken? Did she want to use that money she saved on the 'a' by showing off that she could afford an extra vowel? Is the song actually about a gender bender? Maybe this skater boi is really a subversive lesbian, which would make the song a lot more interesting.

While you're still marveling at the title, the lyrics are even worse:
"He was a boy, she was a girl
Can I make it anymore obvious?"

Perhaps this would be a good move for the next Sandra Bullock romantic comedy. Just show a boy (then point out it's a boy), show Sandra (make sure people know she's a girl) ask if they can make it more obvious and then end the movie. This would save people an hour and a half of their life, that had they seen the actual movie they would wish they could have back. It's a public service.

"He was a punk, she did ballet
What more can I say?"

Why does one preclude you from the other, assuming that's what she was getting at. Or is she suggesting that their different backgrounds actually make them a perfect match, giving them endless things to teach each other. Isn't punk all about rejecting societies labels and letting people be themselves? Perhaps this punk boy (or boi?) appreciates not only the fine figure I assume this hard working dancer has, but also her dedication to her art. Maybe she, who had always been considered an outcast due to her strong work ethic, liked his anarchistic nature and yearned for him to set her free. There seems to be plenty more to that story.

But then after she rejects him because her friends take offense to his oversized clothes, the story suddenly jumps 5 years. Somehow she has a baby and is a single mother, which begs the question of what happened to her ballet career? Was she not good enough? Did she get injured? Was she too religious not to have an abortion which then killed her dancing career, leaving her a bitter shell, scaring off the boy with whom she had the baby?
And this ex-dancer then manages to turn the TV to MTV during one of the rare moments that MTV is actually playing music. After she gets over the shock, she realises that the boy she rejected years ago due to peer pressure is a successful musician.

She calls her friends to tell them of this development and they reveal that they have tickets to his show! Not only uncovering them as hypocrites, but also showing that they're crappy friends, as they forgot to invite her to go along with them to the show! The nerve!

Somehow she then got tickets to the show (and I assume found a baby sitter? The song doesn't mention where the baby is after that. Although, I now realise that the song never explicitly states that it's her baby, only that she's feeding it. It could be someone else’s baby) and the boy, who apparently grew up to be a bit of a jerk, rubs her face in the fact that she rejected him.

Then Avril shows off that she has the boy now, and once again affirms that he is a boy and states that she is a girl for those playing along at home. She also asks for tips on how she could make that more obvious. I would suggest a pink dress, maybe some bows in the hair?

According to Avril, she and the boy are more than just good friends. I don't think they've had the talk where they discus where the relationship is going. Are they friends with benefits? Dating? Boyfriend and girlfriend? We never find out. That's where the story ends (her words, not mine. I assume they live longer than that and the story continues, unless they had a suicide pact. That might have been the only way to get rid of whatever diseases Avril was carrying). She just states that one day the boy could be a man, that she can somehow see souls, they rock each others world (ginchy) and that she'll see him after the show because she's off to record a song they wrote. She implies that this is that song, which explains why she never mentions the boy's name, I wouldn't want to take credit for it either.

And to think that they canceled the movie they were going to make based on the song? It was just so well written, so much material.

This is what happens when I can't sleep. I really wish I hadn't given my room to Dad, this couch is not comfy.
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