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Hey folks,
On Sunday my Winter Tech feature was printed in the paper. Unfortunately, due to space, the non-tech accessories reviews were cut. But, I like the reviews and I thought maybe you guys would be interested in them. They're not thrilling, but hey. You get that.

Low-tech accessories to keep you warm while using your tech this winter.

Etre Touchy Gloves
Etre Touchy gloves have the thumb and index fingers cut out, leaving them free to use your iPod, play your DS or read Braille.
They come in a range of colours and are favoured by many celebrities including Lily Allen, Lady Gaga and Ne-Yo.
Etre Touchy gloves are shipped from the UK, cost £19.99 (around AU$35) plus postage and are available from

Snuggy vs Slanket
A blanket with sleeves is the perfect solution for that age-old dilemma of how to stay warm while using your laptop on the couch. Of course, you could put on an extra jumper or wear a dressing-gown backwards, but where’s the fun in that? Besides, the dressing-gown option leaves your feet exposed to the elements.
There are two options of armed blankets on the markets, both of which have their pros and cons.
The Snuggie is much thinner than the Slanket, making it more suited to nights when you need to be just that little bit warmer. Another bonus is that the deluxe version has a pocket, giving you a handy place to store the remote and the phone. It’s also a lot shorter than the Slanket, making it easier to walk around in. The downside is that if you’re taller than 5’3”, your feet are going to freeze.
The Slanket is nice and thick, making it perfect for medium to bitterly cold nights. It feels as though it’s made out of better quality material and has more sturdy-looking hems than the Snuggie. It’s nice and long, meaning that we of above-average height can keep our feet warm, too. (Because, really, who wants to walk around in a blanket?) The downside is that it’s weirdly long in the neck, making it easy to get food on it. Either the person who designed it thinks that arms are much lower than they actually are, or they want your family to be able to pull the blanket over your head after you die without removing your arms. Whatever the reason, it’s annoying and just gets in the way.
Personally, I prefer the Slanket, but really it all depends on what you look for in a blanket with sleeves.
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“Proper lady boot camp” sounds like a logical impossibility, but that’s just what Ladette to Lady tries to be. This season starts off with eight troublesome Australian women, who are then yelled at and browbeaten into wearing twinsets and preparing canapes for English ‘gentlemen’ by a group of shrill Englishwomen pretending to be ladies themselves. As each episode concludes the teachers ask the most difficult student to leave. At the end of the season they celebrate their success of mildly reforming the most compliant student.
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Tonight Andi and I decided to rent Vantage Point from the iTunes store, because we didn't bring our DVD's back from Mt Macedon with us.
So far, it's crap. Despite it having a 90 minute run time, I get the feeling that they only wrote and shot 20 minutes and are now just playing it again and again in flashbacks, rewinds and other peoples points of view. While I expected the other peoples points of view interesting (which they sometimes are), since we've already seen everything twice, you don't need to have the guy flashback to a scene that was 2 minutes ago.
Also, apparently Forrest Whittaker can keep up with young, fit policemen who are in full pursuit of a suspect. Not only can he keep up, but he can film movie quality footage on his video camera while he does it. Then he can beat the policemen to find the suspect! Looks like he's buffer than he looks.

But no, seriously, this was a waste of $5 and 90 minutes of my life.

Edit: Apparently Dennis Quaid is an amazing rally driver who has found a magic self repairing Barina. Continuity, you're doing it wrong.

And not even 8 shots to the chest can kill the man with the super beard. And not even being sandwiched between a truck and a wall can kill Dennis Quaid. DENNIS QUAID IS HERE!


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