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I have had a song stuck in my head for a week. It's by Avril Lavigne. And, of course, it wouldn't leave my head, no matter what I tried to replace it with. So the time came where I had to actually listen to the song.
The only problem was that I had no idea which song, I just knew that Avril was singing about a boy, with whom she seemed to be having issues, and there was some sort of identity crisis involved. She didn't know herself, no one knew her, something to do with clothes. Very deep stuff.

So to get it gone, I have just endured a listening party of Avril's most popular singles. I weep for the human race that these were once popular.

I know it's been done to death, but Sk8er Boi has raised my ire.
First up, what the hell is with the spelling of the title? Are the letters 'a' and 't' that hard to find? Were they using Jess's keyboard? (Sorry Jess, but your keyboard is weird)
And Boi? Assuming they were using a standard qwerty keyboard, the 'y' is the second key to the left of the 'i'. Did they write this on a typewriter? Was their 'y' broken? Did she want to use that money she saved on the 'a' by showing off that she could afford an extra vowel? Is the song actually about a gender bender? Maybe this skater boi is really a subversive lesbian, which would make the song a lot more interesting.

While you're still marveling at the title, the lyrics are even worse )

This is what happens when I can't sleep. I really wish I hadn't given my room to Dad, this couch is not comfy.


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