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Hey folk. Yesterday my Gelphie article was posted on the MCV site (and I assume the issue went out and can now be found all around Melbourne). It wasn't as long as I wanted to be, so I didn't have enough room to make my case, for example I had to leave out a couple of georgus quotes from Amanda and Lucy and leave out a quote said by original Fiyero (and some of the musical evidence got cut by the editor, which is fair because I did go slightly over my limit...)
I was kinda excited about this piece because although it's not all I wanted it to be, and probably isn't my best work, I liked it and I really enjoyed writing it and researching it. (who doesn't like having to go to Wicked for work?)
So yeah, you can find the piece here
Tell me what you think.

Also, while I'm pimping out my work, my Ani DiFranco exclusive was put up on the Cherrie site recently. It was originally going to get the cover, but then Dorothy Porter died, so she deservingly got the cover (although, and I know it's horrible to say, but I was kinda disappointed, because it was going to be my first cover)
You can find the piece here.
I would love your thoughts on it. I was scared as hell doing it because I'm not really a music journo (well.. I guess I am now...) and I feel really uncomfortable asking personal questions. But I hope that doesn't come across. Honest criticism is VERY welcome.
Merry Christmas!

Date: 2008-12-25 07:07 am (UTC)
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My only note to add for the article is that Lucy's last name is Durack, not Durak. :)


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